For CFIs

To ensure your pilots are technically sound on the aircraft they fly, we highly recommend you encourage them to complete the Know Your Aircraft app for each of the aircraft they fly. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store for free.


We believe it is unique and there’s a good chance examiners will be asking to see them before they conduct flight tests. You should also be encouraging all your BFR students to complete one too.



To make it easy for your pilots, why not have a ‘workshop’ one evening or wet weekend, where you can ask your engineers to come and assist pilots to complete the app.


You may also want to cover engine operations, like leaning, priming, cold weather starting, etc. as a refresher.


This is also a good time to remind your pilots of any specific differences in your fleet, or tricks you have learned.


Feel free to send any feedback on this app to the CAA at, we love to hear your feedback and want to make this product the best it can be.